August 20, 2012


2010 Featured Artist….

August 13, 2010

Lynne Wagner

Lynne Wagner has been printing with Skylark Images for well over ten years.  Her original art is created using acrylic paint on canvas.  She offers limited-edition archival quality giclées reproduced exclusively from her original paintings and portraits on acid-free canvas or paper.

Today we scanned and proofed Lynne’s latest painting, “Maitresse Erzulie.” Lynne shared that she was inspired by the description of a Haitian goddess, Maitresse Erzuli while reading a novel.  The voodoo deity is considered a goddess of love or violence and some say that she influences natural disasters, such as earthquakes.  Lynne says that she started her painting a few days before the latest earthquakes in Haiti.

"2010 Featured Artist"

Lynne is this year’s featured artist in the Konocti Visitor Magazine! Read Beth Rudiger’s article about Lynne and her prolific work, entitled, “Peace of Mind… PEACE IN ART.”

To view more of Lynne Wagner’s art or purchase her giclée reproductions visit her website.

There is an immediacy in pastels….

December 13, 2009
Napa River Red

Steven Gordon

Steven Gordon recently brought in a new pastel landscape for us to scan & proof.  Steven is an extremely talented artist from Yountville, California. He has been working with Skylark Images for over ten years and has partnered with us to print Limited Editions of more than thirty of his paintings.

Steven’s artwork is done in oils, pastels and watercolors. When asked about his creative process Steven said, he used to paint more in oils and was concerned with realism, but when he began working with pastels he realized that he liked the “looseness and freedom” of his sketches.  Steve said, “There is an immediacy in pastels that I find very satisfying… I start from photographs I’ve taken and work on re-framing the lines and composition, so that it moves the viewers eye around the painting.”

"Napa River Red"

After being asked to create “a red painting”, Steven chose this brilliant sunset view toward the Carneros region of South Napa along the Napa River. “I exaggerated the already intense color and pushed it as far to ‘red’ as I thought I could while still keeping the reality of the experience.”

Steven Gordon grew up in his native town of Waukegan, Illinois and graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art in 1973. After receiving his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 1976 he came West to settle in the Napa Valley.

Steven’s works have been exhibited in galleries from San Francisco and the Napa Valley to Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. He currently exhibits his work in his own Yountville gallery, The Gordon Gallery, which is located in the Piazza Quercia complex at 6484 Washington Street across from Villagio Inn and Spa. The gallery is open to the public Thursday through Sunday from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

The Wine Poster Collection….

November 10, 2009

g_reisGerald Reis is a California designer and artist who has enjoyed a distinguished career in art and design. With a studio in San Francisco for many years, he received numerous awards in national and international design competitions. Over the last thirty years his work has appeared in many international publications. He has exhibited at the Museo Fortuny in Venice, Italy, at the Gallery of the University of Ohio, and was one of four designers featured in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit: “In the Public Eye.”

pinot_2Gerald has been printing with Skylark Images a number of few years. Last week he brought in a new original canvas painting to be scanned and printed as part of a collection of Wine Posters created for wine festivals in Anderson Valley and Yorkville Highlands appellations. Each print is reproduced on 100% cotton rag paper.pinot_1

Gerald studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and has been a member of the design faculty at the California College of Art. He relocated to Mendocino County’s Yorkville Highlands in 2001, where he continues working on projects with international clients and creating art constructions and drawings.

In addition to his work as a graphic artist, Gerald is co-owner in a Bed & Breakfast called Ravenridge in the scenic Yorkville Highlands. These beautiful cottages reflect the elegance and taste that one would expect from someone with Gerald’s design sense.

To view more of Gerald’s art visit his website.

A package for Julie Higgins….

October 28, 2009

jhiggins Julie Higgins is an artist currently living on the Mendocino coast. If all goes well with FedEx, she is going to receive a package from Skylark Images tomorrow.

Julie’s vivid pastels have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums. Many will recognize her art having seen it at The Girl and the Fig Restaurant in Sonoma, California.

jhiggins2Julie regularly orders her Giclée prints on Fine Art Paper and frames them behind glass, but recently had a request for a canvas reproduction.  Because Julie had her image on file at our studio, we were able to print “Garden Paridise” without delay on our new Lyve™ Aqueous Canvas at 22 x 32″ with gallery wrapped mirrored borders on 1 3/4″ stretcher bars.  See more of Julie’s art by visiting her website.

Artist inspired by ancient sculpture….

October 27, 2009

khowlandKimberly Howland brought a new painting in today for our large format scanning.  The untitled work was done on commission for a local spa.

Kimberly’s art always conveys a sense of sacred mystery. She says that she is inspired by ancient sculpture. This old world quality is carried further by the beautiful varnish finishes on Kimberly’s paintings. The uniquely crackled surfaces are distinctive of all the paintings we have scanned for Kimberly. She is often asked how she creates the distressed finishes. She told me that she never tells, but that part of the process does include leaving her canvases outside exposed to changing temperatures.

Kimberly lives and works in Mendocino county and her gallery is in Yorkville, CA. The gallery is open by appointment, but you can also see more of Kimberly’s art by visiting her website.

db-stretchingSkylark Images has recently added the service of canvas stretching for those who are printing on our new Lyve™ Aqueous Canvas.  We offer custom kiln dry poplar stretcher bars and in-house stretching.  Kimberly recently had us print dark brown or mirrored borders on a number of her canvas giclées to be gallery wrapped on our heavy-duty 1 3/4″ stretcher bars.

spayingBefore stretching, we sprayed her prints with two coats of Glamour II water based protective varnish. Kimberly requested our custom satin finish. Because the Lyve™ Canvas is a micro porous substrate the coating actually bonds to the canvas encapsulating the ink. We print with pigmented inks and all our finishes have UV inhibitors for exceptional print longevity.